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Ravioli Like Mom Used to Make

September 27, 2008

Yesterday was Shopping Day.  Now, when I say “shopping”, I mean Grocery shopping.  I generally do not shop for clothes (even pre-kids I wasn’t a big shopping fan [unless, of course I was will my sister and we were making our round]).  So, our shelves were running low (they seem to be doing that a lot lately) and so I did some good shopping at Aldi’s.  For those of you who do not know Aldi’s, it is a grocery store based out of Europe somewhere — a little different than American grocery stores.  To keep prices low, they have like only one person working there, so if you come at the “wrong” time, you can be in line for a long time.  You “rent” the shopping cart for 25 cents (you get it back when you return the cart).  The kids Love to put in their quarter to get the cart and then when you check out, they give you a different cart, so you get a different quarter in return.  Aldi’s is also Cash Only.  Well, at least they do not take credit cards.  So, I always figure out how much my bill will be (including tax [yes, I even figure out tax.  They charge it, so if I don’t have enough money, I don’t get my groceries {in Georgia, food tax is 3%, non-food is 7%}]) before getting in line, so I make sure that I have enough cash.  Milk was Reduced for Quick Sale at Bi-lo, so I already picked up 3 gallons, so milk was not a big cost (and the expiration date on Aldi’s milk was only One Day after the expiration date of the milk I got Reduced for Quick Sale).  We had already been to Walmart, so I knew some prices.  Aldi’s had a better price on All Purpose Flour (only $1.69/5 lbs [which I used to NEVER spend, but prices are going up and flour isn’t really something typically Reduced for Quick Sale]), Catsup ($1.15/36 oz [again, I normally would have waited for it to go on sale, but you can only use those extra packets of catsup from McDonalds for so long … they run out]), Yellow Cake Mix (I know, I didn’t Need yellow cake mix, but that is kind of a staple in my house, I mean, it’s nice to be able to just throw together a dessert and without yellow cake mix, my options dwindle … and Walmart did not even carry a store brand yellow cake mix anymore.  What’s up with that?!?), Cheese (yes, we were out of shredded cheese, I had just used the last brick of mozzarella cheese on the lasagna I made Wednesday night, we needed cheese.  Again, I used to spend less than $1 per 8 oz, but now I’ll spend a lot more.), … and I decided to try the can Ravioli.  When I made lasagna earlier this week, I didn’t use All of the ground beef for the meal, so I had probably 1/8 of a cup or so of ground beef.  I added it to my pyrex microwave safe bowl and topped it with the can ravioli.  3 and a half minutes and voila!  a meal.  Unfortunately I’m not sure it’s worth the 75 cents that I spent.  I know, I’m picky.  Ha.  Now my mom was a Good cook.  I mean, she cooked for a lot of ungrateful people, but she was a good cook.  I vaguely remember her making ravioli.  Not from scratch, of course, I mean the open the can and heat on the stove kind (she thought that microwaves caused cancer [which I wonder about sometimes, so I never let my kids sit or stand near it when it is on]).  Now this Aldi’s Ravioli, was Not like my mom used to make.  Maybe I should just wait for Chef Boyrdee to go on sale and stock up.


Speaking Kindly

September 24, 2008

I’ve been listening to myself lately “speak kindly to your sibling.”  My question now:  are the kids hearing me?  Off topic a bit, but concerning not listening:  I asked my son today to go downstairs and bring me up the empty box off of the dining room table.  “yes ma’am” was the correct response and he ran downstairs.  A minute later, he came upstairs holding a bottle of Off insect repellent (that had been on the piano).  Um, please bring me the empty box off the dining room table does NOT mean please bring me the bottle of Off insect repellent from the piano.  Round two worked.  The box was successfully retrieved.

Pancakes For Lunch

September 23, 2008

My son was making pancakes for lunch (yes, we Love Breakfast Anytime).  He makes them from “scratch” — thank you, Betty Crocker Cookbook.  Very easy:  1 cup flour, 3 tsp. baking powder, 1 Tbsp sugar, 1/8 tsp salt, 1 egg, 3/4 cup milk, and 2 Tbsp oil.  To save on syrup and spice up our lives a little, he often adds special ingredients to several.  Then everyone gets to try to determine what the “secret” ingredient is.  Sometimes he adds cinnamon, raisins, chocolate chips, syrup, or sugar on top.  Well, he came upstairs to tell me that the pancakes were sticking.  My first thought — he forgot to add the oil.  Nope, he said that he remembered.  So I went down.  Well, as I think that I’ve already mentioned, my husband took the kids camping last week.  And we have “special” frying pan that he takes.  It Used to be our good one (two frying pans ago).  It works fine for camping, but for normal kitchen cooking, it is not optimal.  So, I flipped the pancakes for him and then asked how much cinnamon he had added (the pancakes looked brown).  He said that he had only added 1/8 tsp.  I asked what he did differently this time.  Nothing was the response.  No, seriously, you Had to do something different.  These pancakes just don’t look like the normal ones.  Well, he opened the flour cabinet and pulled out a bag of King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour.  Well, he said, he had used this flour.  Okay, it all makes sense now.  Only one of his siblings did not like the change (subsequently because of his impolite response, he was sent to sit on his bed for a little while).  I haven’t mentioned to the Pancake Chef issues concerning the Total use of Whole Wheat Flour when baking.  I’m just happy that he is willing and able to cook for himself (and his siblings).  And he even cleans up after himself —  well, better than some others.  Pancakes for Lunch —  Yummy!


September 22, 2008

Okay, so today is Monday, what was I expecting? I know.  I’ve already done a couple of loads of laundry, I did a Quick Pick Up of my bedroom (the kids think that since My room is clean, they can play in it, instead of cleaning their own room).  Then we did Spelling.  Wow.  I’m not much of a speller (I know, everyone can already tell).  Currently we have Math going on.  It’s not the “I don’t understand” statements, it’s the “I’m just trying to get this done” mistakes that bother me.  I mean, what is 8 x 4?  It’s 32.  Right, now, what did you write?  34.  So, do you think that you will get the correct answer?!?! It’s not like they just do it once.  If it’s correct, they just do it once, but when they make mistakes, they get to re-do the problem until it’s correct.  Maybe it’s just the mind of a boy that I don’t understand, I don’t know.  Funny story about math:  Last year when we went though the math book, if I came to a problem that was especially difficult, when I figured it out, I wrote myself a little cheat sheet and put it in the book.  This year, I gave the assignment and when I got back the paper to check, there were just answers.  Um, where did you do your work?  The first question was on a sticky note.  Um, this is your brothers handwriting.  Yes, he “helped.”  Okay, where did you get this answer?  It was on the piece of paper (my cheat sheet from last year) in the binding of the workbook.  Mental note, make sure that I remove the days cheat sheets before giving the book to the student.

Apple Pie

September 21, 2008

Let me begin by saying that we Never refuse food.  If you ever have any extras that you don’t want, Please feel free to drop them by our house.  On a side note, maybe 10 years ago a large family lived down the street from us (they have 7 children).  Someone had the flu or something like that, and a young couple that we knew heard about the sickness in the large family.  So, the young wife gave me a little 8 oz yogurt container with some Chicken Noodle Soup in it, for the large family.  I was a little confused (I mean, they had 9 people in their family and this was probably 6 oz of soup), but when I took it to the mom of the large family, she gratefully took it and said that it would feed “someone.”  What a Great response.  I find myself sometimes being selfish and saying “I want more.”  Sorry, rambling.  Those of you that know me, know how common this is, though.  Ah, where was I?  Apple Pie.  Good place to begin.  So, we got a knock at our door.  Of course the kids are thrilled to have someone here, so they look out the window and tell me it’s our neighbor.  Great.  Open the door.  In his hand, he had a large pie tin with aluminum foil on top.  He asked the kids what they thought it was.  We heard Cherry pie, Tomato Pie, and finally Apple Pie.  Yummy (Apple Pie is MY FAVORITE).  Our neighbor said that his wife brought it home, but he didn’t want the temptation (or the extra calories), so he said that he thought of Us.  Thank you.  We brought it in and heated it up and opened a half gallon of Mayfield Vanilla Ice Cream and enjoyed. Yummy.  Apple Pie is Very good.


September 20, 2008

Okay, so I was trying to decide what to call this email.  I mean, my choices included “Mayonnaise,” “Pathetic,” or “I need to go shopping.”  So I was trying to decide what to make for lunch.  I opened the cabinets and, well, nothing really jumped out at me (which is probably a good thing, because I think that I would have freaked out if stuff would have begun jumping out at me).  🙂  So, I found a can of tuna.  okay, not just Tuna, but that White Albatross Premium tuna (I got it at CVS when I had some CVS Extra Care Bucks to burn — don’t even get me started on CVS.  If you ever think about starting doing the CVS Extra Care Bucks, think Really hard because it’s Quite a hassle.  Back to tuna:  So I opened the can, emptied it into mixing bowl and opened the fridge for the mayonnaise.  You can see where this is going, can’t you?  Yep, the jar of mayonnaise was in the fridge, but it was pretty much empty.  I got out my trusty Rubber Scrapper and attempted to salvage Every Last Bit of mayonnaise.  Not much.  Then I went scavenging for those little packets of mayonnaise that you sometimes get at Fast Food Restaurants.  I found ONE.  Oh, but the can was open, we were already committed.  So, I added the pickle relish and the salt and pepper and mixed as well as I could.  I thought that some lettuce would help to combat the dryness, but it didn’t do much.  A tomato would have been nice, but our tomatoes (the few that we still have) are still green.  No, I’m not much of a gardener.  We can’t even grow Grass in our yard.  So, that’s my Tuna Fish Sandwich story.  I guess that I need to go shopping.  Mayonnaise is one of those necessities, you know.  And marshmallows — although not together.

Reflection Riding Open House

September 20, 2008

Okay, so today is the Reflection Riding Open House and Plant  Sale.  I was planning to go (and take the kids, of course), but I’m just not feeling up to it.  Our house is still trashed from the kids and dad going camping earlier this week.  Oh, I don’t like the smell of camp fire.  So, I decided that we should stay home and clean.  Now is where I get to see how badly I have failed at training the kids.  I mean, when I say to pick up stuff and “put it where it belongs” … to me that’s pretty self- explanatory, but apparently not.  Stacking cups that went camping on the piano is Not putting them where they belong.  Then one of them was helping by sweeping.  I commented that perhaps she should get the dust pan and put the sweepings in the trash can.  Oh, no, she said, she was just going to sweep them into a corner behind the bathroom door.  Yes, I have failed miserably at training our children to clean.  So I better get to work.