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November 29, 2008

We had a good thanksgiving.  Good food.  We’ve almost finished off all of the leftovers, though.  We’re down to the turkey bone to be boiled for Turkey Noodle Soup.  Note to self:  buy more carrots and celery for the soup.  We (meaning my husband) cooked a 14 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, corn (the Green Giant Steamers), stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole (the kind with a cup of sugar in the casserole and marshmallows on top.  When the top layer of marshmallows was gone, I just added another layer of marshmallows —  yum.  marshmallows), deviled eggs, dinner rolls, cranberry, pineapple, apple pie, pumpkin pie, no bake pumpkin cream pie, … am I forgetting anything?  What do normal people have for Thanksgiving?  We took two pictures, but I haven’t figured out how to crop them yet, and not all the food was on the table yet.  I keep thinking that I need to wait until all the food is out and just take a shot of it, but I’m always scolded that the food will get cold, etc.  Well, no more easy “leftover” meals for us.  Now I’ll have to do some more Real cooking.


Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

November 26, 2008

We’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving for a while now.  We had company coming to spend a few nights and company coming for just Thanksgiving.  Well, we got a call last night that the overnight company was sick and therefore would not be coming.  Very sad.  I’m thankful that they are not going to “spread the joy” of their sickness, but I’m sad that they will not be able to come.  We have been Very careful about trying to stay healthy.  Okay, we Always are careful about staying healthy, but we’ve been more … aggressive lately.

I’m trying to decide if I should begin preparing food for tomorrow now or later.  It’s still pretty cold and … well, I’m too cheap to turn up the heat for just me.  I know that I’ll need to prepare some stuff tonight, but perhaps I’ll wait until the temperature rises a little.  Even though it’s only in the upper 40s now, the says the temperature is supposed to rise to 56 today.  I don’t believe it.  I’m pretty cold, now.

So we still have things to do before the big Thanksgiving Day tomorrow …

My Coke Rewards Continues

November 25, 2008


Yes, I was just entering my Coke Rewards cap codes when I noticed an ad at the side:  My Coke Rewards will continue through 2009.  I’m fine with this.  I mean, I’m bummed because their “rewards” are really Not very good, anymore.  In the Spring, I had entered enough codes to get a nifty Quad Chair for 650 points (yes, that’s what those lovely pictures are).  The chair even came with its own nifty carrying bag.  Beauty.  Well, since then, My Coke Rewards removed the item.  Now they are offering magazine subscriptions (I don’t have time to read magazines), and movie tickets (like the cost of the babysitter would out weigh the “free” movie).

I did think it was funny.  I keep the Coke caps in a little bag next to the computer.  I poured them out to enter them this morning, and a purple lid was in the bag.  I’m sure that someone was trying to “help”.  Funny.  I guess that’s what happens when you can’t read — Any cap seems eligible for redemption.

Out of CVS

November 19, 2008

I finally did it.  I used All of my CVS Extra Care Bucks.  Yep, I know that I’ve been saying this for Months and Months, but I’m finally done.  I know that some people did really well with the CVS Extra Care Bucks, but I was not one of them.  Yes, I’m a Very picky shopper, so I didn’t just want to spend my hard earned “Cash” on junk.  It was the expiration dates that drove me crazy.  I mean, if I didn’t find anything I wanted (that the store had in stock) for 3 weeks, I would loose the “cash” that I had earned.  So, I had $3.27 to spend today (it expired today).  So, I looked through the ad, but didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.  So, I decided to go for the Buy One Get One Free Kleenix for $1.49.  I purchase 6 boxes, used two 50 cents of 3 coupons and paid my $3.27 Extra Care Bucks.  So, my total came to 31 cents.  If I had really only spent 31 cents on 6 boxes of Kleenix, I would have been pleased, but I really spent $3.58 cents on 6 boxes of Kleenix.  These were not the big boxes, either, they were the little 110 count ones.  Not the best bargain I’ve found, but I’m finally done with waking up in the middle of the night wondering if I have any Extra Care Bucks that are expiring that day.  And yes, I would sometimes wake up with those thoughts.  I’ve also had so Many problems with CVS that I’m glad to be done with it.  I’m not saying that if something extra-ordinary jumps up that I won’t take it, because I probably will, but I’m saying that for now, my mind is at ease.

Mean Comment

November 18, 2008

At church yesterday, a mom who just had her second child approached me.  She said that several years ago (before she was married or had children), she saw me with my kids and thought that I was, … well, it wasn’t very nice.  She didn’t even know me.  She just “saw” me and made her decision.  She said that now that she has kids, she doesn’t think that anymore.  Why did she even tell me that?  I mentioned to my husband what she had said and he didn’t see why it upset me.  He said that she doesn’t think that anymore.  Well, she thought that for 4 years.  I’m glad that she doesn’t think that anymore, but still.  I know, I need to toughen my skin, but comments like that Do make me sad.  No, I’m not perfect, but I Do try.  Yes, sometimes my kids socks do not match, but that’s because they Want them not to match.  The little one recently decided to wear one red Lion sock and one red and green Christmas sock.  Fine.  When they dress themselves, I try not to stifle them too much.  And yes, the kids often have holes in their jeans, but those holes are often “helped along” by the child.  Tonight, for instance, I looked over at the OLDEST child (who Should know better) who last week did Not have holes in the pants, but this week, the hole is there.  They were picking at the hole to make it bigger, so they could fit a pencil long ways in the slit.  What in the world!?!  I had Nothing to do with that.  And, no, I don’t cook Everything from scratch with organic ingredients.  I know that I’m not the perfect, but I don’t understand why someone would purposefully approach me to tell me that they used to think mean things about me?  What in the world?!?  Is it them or me?  It’s them, right?

Read Fest

November 15, 2008

This afternoon St Elmo hosted a Read Fest.  Yes, we attended.  And Yes we had a Wonderful time.

The kids each got a free new book.  The Read 20 Readmobile was there.  They have some Really nice books.  Of course the oldest had the sense to look through All of the books (okay, maybe not All of them, but to look A Lot before making his decision).  He talked his younger sister into getting a Star Wars Pop Up books.  Wow.  I was even impressed.  We also got a “travellers” book which contained a stop watch/backwards watch.  Really neat.

They also had boxes and boxes of used books from which the kids could pick more books.  We walked there, so we didn’t take too many, but the older kids especially enjoyed being allowed to choose “whatever they wanted.”  We even found one Childrens Illustrated Classic (which my son didn’t even recognize since it had a different cover than the other ones that he has).

And they had free food — okay, not the best of food, but they had hot dogs and hamburgers.  But you know what?  We ate before we went.  So, not everyone even Wanted anything.  But they Did have Coke and Sprite, so that was a hit.  And Little Debbie Snacks, of course, another hit.  And little bags of chips.

They also had different tables set up with displays.  At one “booth” the kids got to decorate a pumpkin.  The guy read a story about pumpkins while the kids decorated.  Yes, I know that I’m really cheap and the I should probably purchase pumpkins each year for the kids to decorate, but, hey, we’ve already determined that I’m really cheap, so I don’t.  We’ve tried to raise pumpkins before, though, and they have not done anything.  I don’t really know why I think that they would, since we can’t even seem to grow grass.  No, I do not have a green thumb.

And the zoo was there.  Oh, the zoo lady is Very sweet.  My youngest kept going over to her table and talking to her.  Unfortunately, my little one is not always understandable, but the zoo lady just kept listening intently.  And the zoo lady had a little ferret.  The kids loved chasing it around, too.

At the Parents Are First Teachers booth, the kids got to make Sun Catchers.  The kids made Sun Catchers out of wax paper and shaved crayons before, but these had leaves on the inside (very “Autumn” oriented).

The library was there, also, and a dear children’s librarian was manning the table.  She is wonderful.  At her table, the children were able to color a paper train, cut it out, and assemble it.

TENNCare was there also.  The kids got to listen to a story about Bear getting sick.  Then everyone got a little plastic football —  these were great fun the gymnasium.

They said that they were expecting about 300 kids, but since it was raining, they didn’t get anywhere near to that number.  I Really enjoyed myself.  And the kids Really enjoyed themselves, so hopefully they will do this event again next year.

Doctor’s Appointment

November 11, 2008

So I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment this week — on Story Time day.  Well, you can plainly see the dilemma, can’t you?  So, I called back yesterday to reschedule.  The only available was an afternoon — yuck.  So, I took it and called back today.  I asked for an early morning appointment and they could fit me in a couple of weeks.  Yeah.  I think that I probably could have had an appointment sooner, but Thanksgiving takes up half the week now at doctor’s offices.  I agree that they should get time off too, though, so I’m not too put off by the whole waiting longer for the appointment.  Hey, to get In to see the doctor this year (and yes, I’ve seen this doctor before), I had to wait 4 weeks for an appointment.  Must be nice to be so popular.  An, no, I’m not a morning person (or a night person, for that matter), but I’ve found that doctor’s appointments that are first thing in the morning are usually not as delayed as all of the rest of the appointments.  Also, the doctor is usually not as tired (hopefully they got a good nights rest).

Pictures of Kids

November 9, 2008

What is up with the difficulty with taking pictures of kids.  Okay, not just taking a picture, but getting a Good picture.  I took 38 pictures of the kids today.  And you do know what?  NONE of them were good.  In EACH picture, at least ONE child was Not looking appropriate.  I even tried to bribe with candy, but nope, it didn’t work.  We’ll try again closer to Christmas.   I mean, how difficult is it to look at the camera while smiling (or at least not making a weird face)?  We had lots of “deer in the headlights” photos.  Thankfully we didn’t have any “finger in the nose” pictures.  Although we had several “showboat” pictures where the child in front is acting like they are the only one in the picture (or that they are the center of attention).  As I said before, 38 pictures and not one worth printing.  I do like my digital camera, though.  I used to use rolls of film to try to find a good one, now I just keep clicking until something is workable (or I get tried and decide to try again another day.)  🙂

Little Caesars Pizza

November 7, 2008

As you know, Friday is grocery shopping day.  I’m not a big shopper, so I just get worn out by going to a few stores.  Well, to save on thought (so I don’t have to think about anything, or plan anything, or prepare anything), we pick up Little Caesar’s Pizza for lunch.  We are “regulars.”  The perky cashier knows our vehicle and when we pull up, she gets out our two pizzas:  one pepperoni and one sausage —  Hot and Ready.  I always have exact change so she doesn’t have to work extra hard for us.  Well, last week was Halloween.  All the kids were with me and came in to pick up the pizza.  We already like Little Caesar’s Pizza, but they keep doing nice things for us.  Since it was Halloween, each of the kids got a little “goody bag.”  Oh, they loved it.  And some of the bags even had a coupon for a free Crazy Bread and Sauce.  Wahoo!!  So, today, on top of our usual Large Hot and Ready Pepperoni and Large Hot and Ready Sausage Pizzas, we also got a free  bag of Crazy Bread and  a sauce.  I know, eating “out” every week is not the best for us, but, hey, I’ve been “serving” peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a while now, and I’m sure that’s not too much better.  Thank you Little Caesar’s Pizza.  Life is easier when I don’t have to think about what to prepare for lunch.

Scary Stories

November 6, 2008

Okay, so what’s the deal with “scary” stories?  I’m not talking about older kids, I’m talking about the Pre-school age:  birth to … 5.  Yes, I’m a hag, if you haven’t already determined that, you know now.  I don’t think that little minds need to be told that everything is “scary”.  No,  it’s not.  Instead of a scary pumpkin story where the pumpkin keeps taking about eating people, why don’t we just read a story about pumpkins growing in the ground and then We bake them into pies and or bread?  Or better yet, why don’t we include samples?  Okay, so I know food is not allowed at story time areas, but why are scary stories?  I appreciated what another mom commented:  she said that she would call the girl who read the scary story when the moms daughter woke up that night with a nightmare.  I think that there is enough fear in the world, we don’t need to emphasise it to our little ones.  Just my two cents worth.