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Shopping for Christmas … food

December 20, 2008

I’m not a big shopper.  I mean, I shop, but mostly I shop for food.  Since we have several mouths to feed and our budget is limited, I try to find bargains where available.
I like the Aldi store.  Milk is the least expensive of anywhere else around here (I hear the milk is less expensive at Kroger, but we don’t have a Kroger very close to us).  $2.99 a gallon.  Not a great deal, but the best I’ve found.
Also, this week Aldi had whole pineapples for 99 cents.  That’s a great price if you know how to cut them up.  Unfortunately, we do Not know how to cut them up.  Yes, we’ve tried before, but I still think that it’s just easier to open a can.
Another deal at Aldi:  celery.  I’m not a big celery eater … I mean, it’s mostly just water, but the kids will eat Ants on a Log (celery with peanut butter in it and raisins on top).
Publix also had good deals.  Apple Juice was Buy One Get One Free, Baking Chips were Buy One Get One Free, Peanut Butter was Buy One Get One Free, … We like to find deals.


Cleaning for Christmas

December 15, 2008

Yes, we are about to be invaded for Christmas.  People, animals, Stuff … the tree is decorated.  Presents are already beginning to appear under it.  Now the cleaning begins.  Okay, so the cleaning began a LONG time ago, but it’s kicking into high gear now.  I’m amazed at what children can do to a clean room/house.  I mean, I begin at one side of the room and by the time I’ve made it throughout the whole room picking up, the little tornadoes have struck.  Yes, I love the children.  I would be even happier if they were a little tidier.  I used to clean and then we would leave the house quickly before the children could undo everything that I had just begun.  Yes, I could do that, but … I’m forever hopeful that they will see me cleaning and hear me asking them to pick up their stuff and they they will!  Yes, I’m a bit of a dreamer.  But a dream isn’t bad.  Actually, dreams can be Very good.

Broken Mouse

December 11, 2008


We have a broken mouse … and not the animal kind.  Very frustrating.  I’m not sure what happened.  I’ve tried cleaning out the guck, but it doesn’t have any.  I think it’s just lived a hard life.  I know that we have another computer mouse somewhere, but that takes effort to find.  I’m not ready to get up and find it just yet.  Give me some time.  I’m sure that I’ll get frustrated enough to go looking, just not right now.


Wolf Camera Pictures

December 9, 2008

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Trying to get more than one person to look at the camera in a non-offensive way … well, last time it took 43 pictures and Still not a good one.  This time, we added adults and a timer.  We chose the picture that only  had 3 issues (as in no one’s finger in their nose, etc).   So then we just needed to get the pictures printed.  I looked through the drug store ads but nothing looked like a good deal.   Then I remembered hearing an ad for Wolf Camera.  I checked their website and, sure enough, Tuesday and Wednesday digital prints are only 5 cents a print.  Only 5 cents!!  That’s the best deal that I can even think of.  I’m not sure what the pictures will look like, but I’m excited about the price.  We have gotten Walgreens prints before and they Always come out Yellow.  Yuck.  Hopefully these pictures will be fine.
Little side note:  when I was sending the pictures, the computer said that the picture would be cropped.  It allowed me to Manually crop the picture, so instead of cutting off the top of my husbands head, I could cut off some of the floor in front of us.  (yes, I’m sure that we’re not the best picture takers).

Publix … Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

December 1, 2008

We got our phone call yesterday informing us that our pictures were ready from the Publix Holiday Fest event.  I had a doctor’s appointment this morning (I know, I’m not a good patient, I don’t understand why I have to drive all the way to the doctor for so little to happen.  I mean, I feel fine, so why do I have to go to the doctor?).  So, I went to Publix about 7:30 a.m.  The store was not busy, except for the stockers.  I picked up the pictures (they were not as bad as I had assumed they would be — hey, have You ever tried to get several children to look at the camera at the same time … you can read my experience about taking 43 pictures of the kids and Still not getting a good one).  So, the Publix 2 liter drinks were on sale for 50 cents each.  We don’t usually drink a lot of carbonated beverages, but since we are having guests for Christmas, I figure that I’ll begin stocking up.  I was impressed with Publix’s variety of choices.  I mean, not only do they have the Colas, but they also have Black Cherry, and Strawberry, and Dr. Publix (yes, the Dr. Publix has caffeine — which I try to avoid, but I have a son who Loves Dr. Pepper, so we’ll try it.  Hey, it was 50 cents, if the kids don’t like it …).  I purchased a few other items, and the Penny Item.  If you spend $10 or more, you can get their Mystery Penny Item.  This week it is a Publix frozen pizza.  We’ll give it a try.  It rang up for $4.69, so for 1 cent …  I am hopeful that Publix will build a store closer to home for us.