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Still … Cold Vs Allergy

February 17, 2009

dscn1624Yes, I still have that horrible congestion.  I tried Benadryl, but it did NOTHING.  It didn’t even knock me out to get a good nights rest.  I’m currently trying nasal sprays (the sea salt saline kind) to see if it will help.  The box says it dries up congestion.  Well, I’m waiting …


Cold Vs Allergy

February 15, 2009

I think that I finally have to admit that I have either a cold or allery issues.  My nose has been running, I have been sneezing, my eyes itch, my throat … well, let’s just say that I’m feeling great.


February 11, 2009

Ouch!  I am tired of the Constant Heart Burn!!  I’ve been eating Rolaids, but they do Not spell R-E-L-I-E-F!dscn16251

Dr Pepper Every Bottle Wins

February 7, 2009

So I was at Walmart yesterday and decided to grab a Dr Pepper.  I purchased the bottle and had just passed the greeter on the way out when I realized that the bottle that I had Just purchased had a white lid with No writing on it.  I was supposed to be getting the bottle with the yellow lid that said “Every Bottle Wins”.  Oh, where is my mind?  (I think it was wondering why they only have caffeinated Dr Pepper instead of offering Caffeine Free Dr Pepper.)  Yes, I turned around and exchanged the bottle with the white for the bottle with the yellow lid.  The Walmart employee was confused as to why I was exchanging one product for the Exact same, so I told her that “Every Bottle Wins.”  They already think that I’m crazy, so I’m sure this instance just solidifies their concerns for me.  So, I came home and entered my code.  Do you know what I won?  I won a Game Point.  Um, not what I wanted (I was hoping for a free Dr. Pepper.)  Better luck next time.


Denny’s Restaurant

February 2, 2009

So we were watching the Super Bowl last night (wasn’t everyone?).  Actually, I was just watching the commercials, but then I’m not that big into football.  Well, along came a commercial for Denny’s Restaurant that said Free Grand Slam to everyone in America.  Well, of course that piqued my interest.  Food speaks to me.  And I Love breakfast.  So, I start thinking … where is the closest Denny’s restaurant.  The only one I remember isn’t too close, but doable for a someone who loves to eat breakfast — especially if it’s free.  I tried the internet, but the Denny’s website would not load (I guess that everyone else was trying to look on the website, also).  So, I grabbed the phone book.  Nope, no Denny’s Restaurant listed.  Bummer.  I finally got to the Denny’s Restaurant Locator, but the closest restaurant to me is over 30 miles away.  I love breakfast, but not that much.