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Swagbucks dot com

March 26, 2009

So, I was looking at someone elses blog and they mentioned  Then I was looking at someone’s blog and they mentioned, so I decided to try it for myself.  I don’t think that I quit have the hang of it, yet.  My understanding is that you search for stuff on the web and periodically you are awarded points/bucks for these searches.  I don’t know.  I figure that I didn’t have to download anything (I’m anti downloading Anything since our computer crashed).  I’ll try it for a while and see if it’s worth the effort.




March 24, 2009

Asparagus is Finally on sale.  Yeah!  Yes, I’m one of those really weird people who Really like Asparagus — especially for 99 cents/lb.   Yes, I said 99 cents/lb.  Thank you Bi-lo.  The sale ends today, so I’m thinking that we should go out and get another bunch (of course, we’ve already consumed the last batch we purchased on Friday).  Freshly steamed asparagus … yummy!


March 1, 2009


I have been getting bananas at Walmart recently.  Aldi’s is just down the street from the Walmart.  Aldi sells bananas for 45 cents/lb.  Walmart sells bananas in a clear plastic bag for 44 cents/lb.  I was used to purchasing a couple of bags each week when I went to Walmart last week and … No bag bananas.  I asked a produce guy and he said that they still do carry them, but they don’t have them all the time.  I’ve learned that employees don’t necessarily know what they are talking about — they often tell you want they think you want to hear.  But this week, when we went to Walmart, I was happy to find the bag bananas again.  Hurray!  Yes, last week I just picked up bananas at Aldi’s, a penny more a pound, so not a big deal, but … yes, I count my pennies (or at least I Try to.)  And, no, these are bananas that I “found” in the house.  I guess that someone didn’t want to finsh them and didn’t want me to know … like I wouldn’t find an old banana … I’m just saying …