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Edy’s Ice Cream

May 27, 2009

Okay, I did it.  I signed up to win a neighborhood Ice Cream Party!  Wouldn’t that be GREAT?!?  Only 1,500 winners, so we probably won’t win (the realist/pessimist in me says).  Oh, that would be fun, though, wouldn’t it?  Then, maybe I’d be know as the Ice Cream Mom — all the kids would Love to see me, hoping for more ice cream … maybe not.

Edy’s Ice Cream was on sale at Publix last week, so we went out and got a container.  I AM very disappointed in the size — no longer a half gallon … not even 1.75 … now down to 1.5.  Yep, less ice cream for more money.  But we chose the Butterfinger kind and I was VERY impressed with it.  Normally the ice cream would just have a swirl of the delicious candy in it, but this container had it mixed in everywhere.

I’m getting hungry … maybe I should have some more ice cream …



May 10, 2009

I was a little disappointed going shopping this week.  I was thinking that since Mother’s Day was Sunday, stores would have deals for moms.  Well, apparently not.  Okay, so I’m not counting the sample of a fourth of a chocolate chip cookie at Walmart.  I Did pick up the recipe and wanted to make the cookies, but knew that I didn’t need the cookies (that doesn’t help me fit in my jeans).  But today, my sweet tooth won.  Yes, I made the cookies.  Not many left now, yes, I’ve been eating them a lot.