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Chick Fil A Disappointment

July 20, 2010

After a Wonderful time at the Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Day, I thought that perhaps we could go there to eat on Tuesday night for their Kids Night.  Bad idea.
So when did they stop allowing children to exchange their Kids Meal prize for a small Ice Dream cone?!?  Is it just the Gunbarrel Road restaurant or are All Chick Fil A’s not allowing the toy/ice cream exchange?  We already had the toy, we didn’t want another one.
After finishing All of the meal, my little one went up to the counter with the unopened Kids Meal toy, asked to exchange it for an ice cream cone, and was told no, they don’t do that anymore.  My child was in Tears when they returned to the table.  Why?  Very disappointing.  It’s a small ice cream cone, not a huge anything.  I thought that Chick Fil A was supposed to cater to what the customer wanted.  It just breaks my heart that they sent a little child away crying.   My sister-in-law up North said that their Chick Fil A gives EVERYONE a little “sample” cup of ice cream just for asking.

(Okay, so I admit that my “fuzzing” ability is a little lacking, but I didn’t want to post anything that would cause anyone [including myself] grief.)

I’m wondering if I should contact the restaurant or the big Customer Service to let them know that I am not appreciative of their change.  We still like Chick Fil, we are just VERY Disappointed!