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Earth Fare Event

September 13, 2010

On the back of the Earth Fare Advertisement, they announce a “Local Fest”.  Unfortunately they do not give times.  I checked Earth Fare’s website and Nothing was listed concerning this even on the Chattanooga Store calendar.  😦


Another Bilo False Advertising

September 3, 2010

I know, I’m a complainer … I’m just frustrated with Bilo.  Okay, so the deal today:  Outside the bakery is a sign that reads “Hey Kids, ask our friendly baker for a free cookie”  (or something to that effect).  So, I took my little one over to the counter and waited.  Someone in the deli looked over and I told her that I just wanted a cookie for my little one.  I waited and waited.  Then a bakery guy came over.  He reached into a bucket of frosting and was wiping it on the top of cupcakes.  He Was wearing gloves, but … I just thought that they did that a different way.  So, we’re waiting and waiting and waiting.  Finally, I just told  my little one that apparently we were not going to be helped there today and we walked away.  I know, it’s just a cookie, but that was a Waste of my time (and I had ice cream that was melting…).  I know, don’t take it personally, but I do!  That’s my rant.  Thank you for listening.